Activities and Clubs Activities and Clubs

​​​​​​​We are proud to offer a variety of excellent before and after school academic and enrichment activities for our students.  Check out what is available.  There is something for everyone!



Student Council{6afa29b4-2819-48a0-ba9b-5a38b2015473}Student Council<p>Student Council is where the magic happens.  Throughout the course of the year, students from all grades work together to plan and organize fundraisers, assemblies, school parties, and other events that make SHMS a fun and inviting place to be.  Generally meets Tuesday mornings before school.</p>
Talent Show{6afa29b4-2819-48a0-ba9b-5a38b2015473}Talent Show
Stock Market Club{6afa29b4-2819-48a0-ba9b-5a38b2015473}Stock Market Club
Math Counts{6afa29b4-2819-48a0-ba9b-5a38b2015473}Math Counts<p>Students will meet weekly to practice solving challenging math problems, culminating in an exciting, "bee-style" competition in February.  This club meets after school from December to February.</p>
Eye to Eye{6afa29b4-2819-48a0-ba9b-5a38b2015473}Eye to Eye<p>​Peer mentoring group with high school students. <br></p>
Brain Bowl{6afa29b4-2819-48a0-ba9b-5a38b2015473}Brain Bowl
Yearbook Club{6afa29b4-2819-48a0-ba9b-5a38b2015473}Yearbook Club Love to take pictures?  Interested in helping design our school yearbook?  Students of all grade levels and any amount of experience, come join us on every <span data-term="goog_68175490">Tuesday</span> (now until January) from 3:30 - 4 in the Library, (or see our meeting schedule <a href="" target="_blank" data-saferedirecturl="">here</a>) to get your hands on creating our yearbook!<br><br>
Magic Club{6afa29b4-2819-48a0-ba9b-5a38b2015473}Magic Club<p>​Come play Magic card games with other 6th, 7th, and 8th graders!<br></p>
SOS (Sources Of Strength){6afa29b4-2819-48a0-ba9b-5a38b2015473}SOS (Sources Of Strength)
No Place For Hate{6afa29b4-2819-48a0-ba9b-5a38b2015473}No Place For Hate<p>​Also called the Cougar Cares Club, empowers students, community leaders and individuals of all backgrounds to reject hate, discrimination and bullying.  Students learn ways of being allies and agents of peace at our school.  This club meets twice a month before school on Fridays.<br></p>
School Musical{6afa29b4-2819-48a0-ba9b-5a38b2015473}School Musical<p>​This year's all school musical will be Seussical, Jr.!</p>
Science Fair Club{6afa29b4-2819-48a0-ba9b-5a38b2015473}Science Fair Club<p>Science Club - Are you interested in the World of Science? Would you like to investigate and do some science experiments? Then come and see if there is a science project you would like to investigate and show at our School Science Fair. Winners will continue on to the CU Science Fair in February. Come check it out -  the Science Club will meet after school on Tuesdays beginning <span data-term="goog_74746219">September 5, 2017</span> in Mrs McClaskey's Shop classroom by the cafeteria. Questions - contact Tera McClaskey or Deb Darnell.<br></p>
GSA{6afa29b4-2819-48a0-ba9b-5a38b2015473}GSA<p>​We are a student-run club that brings together LGBTQ and straight students to support each other, provide a safe place to socialize, and create a platform for activism to fight homophobia and transphobia.<br></p>
Destination Imagination{6afa29b4-2819-48a0-ba9b-5a38b2015473}Destination Imagination