Eye to Eye is a national peer mentoring program that is offered exclusively to 6th to 8th grade students with identified learning differences such as SLD and/or ADHD. The Eye to Eye program takes place once a week during the academic year after school in a group setting. Your child will be paired with a Mentor, who is a successful student at Fairview High School with an LD and/or ADHD. Each week, Mentees and Mentors work together to create fun art projects that help the Mentees understand their learning styles, appreciate their abilities, and develop skills to express what they need to succeed in the school.  The Mentors know what it is like to be a young student with a learning difference, and that shared experience allows the Mentors and Mentees to understand one another and build a community of “different thinkers.” For further information about this program, please visit: eyetoeyenational.org

Contact Diana Rutenberg with further questions. 

Grade Level:

6th grade; 7th grade; 8th grade

Contact Person

Diana Rutenberg

Additional Information

September 26 - April 24

Meets in the Art Room on Wednesdays from 3:30-4:45