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Questions or need help?

Connect with our Service Desk via live chat or by entering a ticket at by logging in with a student account. You can also call 720-561-HELP to speak to a technician. Our Service Desk hours are Monday-Friday, 7:00 am - 4:30 pm.


Chromebooks for SHMS Classrooms: 

During Wednesday morning’s staff meeting, we will distribute most of our gently used Chromebooks to teachers for use in their classrooms. These are to be only used in your classrooms on a period by period basis and returned to teachers at the end of each period.   

If a student tells you their device might need some repair, please tell them to take their device to the office.  It’s difficult to help kids with this during the school day, so we prefer to do this at the following times when various office staff might be better able to help:

  • Between 8:00-8:15 on M/Tu/Th/F
  • Between 8:45-9:15 on Wednesdays
  • After 7th period
  • During mask breaks

We will do some basic troubleshooting in the office and help students submit an IT ticket if needed.  Students can also submit an IT ticket using the link above.  Finally, students in need of a device for the day should report to the main office, ideally at one of the times listed above.

For more information about the BVSD 1:Web program, click here: BVSD 1:WEB Website